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A classic idea now renewed

STEREOBOOK is aimed to edit scientific texts accompanied with stereoscopic photographs. All fields
of science and technology are considered as well as history and other related disciplines. Only well documented texts and high quality photographs belong to the editorial line. Stereophotographs with extraordinary historical significance would be also accepted. The method of presenting the stereoscopic pictures is based on the classical stereoviewer, which is included in the book in order to view colour or black and white stereophotographs. So pictures and their explanation can be easy followed simultaneously.


Composition of a STEREOBOOK

Text and pictures are printed on a book sized 12,5x16,5 mm with approximatly 60 pages. The almost 30 pictures
are printed either in colour or in black and white on a high quality paper. The stereopairs are 60 mm x 60 mm in size and printed onto a grey background to avoid inconvenient reflections. Two acrylic lenses provide a magnification x1,675 and permit obtain a near stereoscopic impression
of the pictures.


How to view relief with a STEREOBOOK

To stereoscopic viewing with a STEREOBOOK you
need only open the book and see throughout the lenses maintaining a right angle with the fore- and back- side
of the book. For fine focussing vary the distance between the lenses- and the stereopair site. If you need glasses to right see, please don't take it away while viewing.